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ADR 100 Mile Cajun Classic Enduro Recommendations

Planning to race the Acadiana Dirt Riders' upcoming Cajun Classic in Forest Hill, LA? Trail Boss Blake Plonsky and '83 Trail Boss Bruce Comeaux sit down to go through some basic recommendations:

1 – Wear bicycle pants under your riding pants to protect from severe chafing. A cotton sock tucked in your belt works well for a quick goggle wipe or to clean mud off your grips and gloves. Why a sock you ask? The inside of the sock always stayed clean.

2 – Use a Camelbak for water with pockets for specific tools and items for your bike, a leatherman, wrenches, sockets, allens, tyraps, brake pads, spark plug, gorilla tape, foot peg and brake keeper pins, rag, etc.

3 - Your bike should be able to go 35 miles on one tank, bring enough gas, you will need 2 cans. Remember to pick up your cans from gas trailers before leaving race.

4 – Write your name on your gas cans with a perma-marker, tie a bag to them with water, food, gloves, goggles, paper towels, air filter if dusty, latex disposable gloves, etc. Attend the riders' meeting and bring your cans to the gas trailers early before it leaves.

5 – At the gas and free time locations before the check in, visually check over your bike for loose bolts, worn brake pads, loose controls on the bars, coolant leaks, vines and sticks in your wheels, etc.

Course preview by Darin Lafleur:

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